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Lobo Equipment stocks several different sizes of cable for your construction projects as well as most accessories required when using cable.

Custom Cable Lengths and Spooling

We can spool custom lengths of cable to your specifications and stock large spools for large projects. Please contact us for current market price, availability, and delivery information at 806-363-6640 or info@loboequipment.com


We offer 5/16” shot line cable that works well in fencing. 9/16” Sand line cable can also be found in our inventory occasionally.

Cable Clamps, Springs, & Thimbles

Our inventory also includes clamps, springs, thimbles, and neck adjustments for bunks.

Weld-On Cable Clips

Designed to be welded to your upright post to hold in place either 5/16" or 9/16" cable. Please contact us for current pricing.

Bunk Neck Adjusters

Designed to raise and lower your cable over your feed bunks depending on the size of cattle in that particular pen. Please call for current pricing.